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Hi, I’m Angie Bodine.  I’m running for State Representative because I want to represent you: the working families, the single parents, the unemployed, the care givers, the aspiring college students, and the working stiffs. Why? Because I’ve been all of those, and I know what it’s like.  You haven’t had a State Rep like that for years!  

I want to bring your ideas and your problems downstate. Then, I want to bring back solutions along with your tax dollars, because YOU DESERVE BETTER!  

I will be a full-time Representative, not a part-time lackey who avoids tough votes.   I will show up everyday and DO THE JOB of representing you!  I am the independent voice who says and does what is needed to get results! 

Some politicians thrive on conflict, making problems worse.  I work for solutions. Let’s solve our problems and live the American Dream!

Elect me, Angie Bodine, for State Representative, 69th District.

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